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Map Download

[Owner] chewyb_13 a posted Jun 1, 13
Map Download, hopefully this will be okay for those asking for a world download
World backup at May 3rd 2013 at 11:50pm EDT

World Download via Deposit Storage (Deposit Files)

January 13, 2014
I moved the file from the Deposit Files side to the Deposit Storage side, I DO NOT know how long the file will be able to sit on the Deposit Storage Side of the Deposit Files so if it suddenly disappears don't ask me to re-upload it as I will not spend the time and bandwidth to upload it again.

Old delete by dates:
World Download via Deposit Files

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merhilde x  registered to UltimateSmash FTB Server
xoman_zheo   registered to UltimateSmash FTB Server
threep3t3dude didnt know you were an admin =)
cjg9thx for the map download!!!
[Owner] chewyb_13   published Map Download on News
[Admin] SchwanzDerFuchs I will see about a world download!
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cjg9   ooh plz do! i will love it!
iAlecCould we get a world download?
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cjg9   Thats a great idea! I would love this if its ok with the ops!
iAlec   Already talked to Chewy, the world file is over 5gb I believe!
cjg9   lol that would take some time to upload and download but if he is up for it, I am too!
cjg9Actually dont play on that server the pvp and griever system is flawed i got grieved by the mayor of the town however we will keep looking!
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