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Map Download

[Owner] chewyb_13 a posted Jun 1, 13
Map Download, hopefully this will be okay for those asking for a world download
World backup at May 3rd 2013 at 11:50pm EDT

World Download via Deposit Storage (Deposit Files)

January 13, 2014
I moved the file from the Deposit Files side to the Deposit Storage side, I DO NOT know how long the file will be able to sit on the Deposit Storage Side of the Deposit Files so if it suddenly disappears don't ask me to re-upload it as I will not spend the time and bandwidth to upload it again.

Old delete by dates:
World Download via Deposit Files

merhilde x  joined UltimateSmash FTB Server
xoman_zheo   joined UltimateSmash FTB Server
threep3t3dude didnt know you were an admin =)
cjg9thx for the map download!!!
[Owner] chewyb_13   published Map Download on News
[Admin] SchwanzDerFuchs I will see about a world download!
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cjg9   ooh plz do! i will love it!
JaDaNameCould we get a world download?
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cjg9   Thats a great idea! I would love this if its ok with the ops!
JaDaName   Already talked to Chewy, the world file is over 5gb I believe!
cjg9   lol that would take some time to upload and download but if he is up for it, I am too!
cjg9Actually dont play on that server the pvp and griever system is flawed i got grieved by the mayor of the town however we will keep looking!
cjg9hey all i just wanted to say how fun it was being on the server since the 4th day it was up so here it goes: It all started with direwolf i looked at ftb and loved it instantly the only problem was was that i didnt have a server i found this one and decided to try it. thats when i found darkunicorn we had a blast! (i even crashed the server once :P) and got very far in the server, ap video pug and others then joined us but shortly the server reset. Before it reset i remembered that Kaboom and i were friends from bees so we then made a town together, fur was kaboom's friend and we all made a castle before the server went down! thx too all who was a friend of mine on the server! thx to admins for they're support, and mostly thx to darkunicorn6669 who was there since the very beggining! Dark, Kaboom, Fur, Celect, if any of you are reading this plz put a server ip as a comment so we can continue our advnentures together! and as always, TAKE IT EASY!
cjg9   [link] everyone feel free to join and keep your old buddies!
Kaboom641   Cj do have fun on that server, but I will remain with my IRL friends for now. I'll visit once and awhile.
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